Romney asks Election Commission for “Fair Share” of Time.

Team Romney, after the first 2 Presidential debates, was down in overall speaking time by  about 5 minutes to Mr. Obama.  Romney appealed to the President’s sense of fairness and proposed that he receive an extra 5+ minutes for the 3rd debate tonight in order to “even things out”.   Stephanie Cutter, deputy campaign manager for Team Obama said:  “Our objective is to win.  That means accumulating the most speaking time possible.  While we are concerned about fairness for all, Mitt Romney isn’t really part of the ‘All’ if you think about it,” she said.  “He’s kind of outside of it.”

“What we mean by ‘fair share’ isn’t speaking time,” Cutter added. “It’s money.  And Mitt Romney has too much of it.”  Regarding time, Cutter also added that she doesn’t quite think it’s fair that some people live longer than others.  “Look at how the healthy seem to accumulate all of the health.  Is it right?  Not really.  That’s the kind of TIME we should focus on.”  Cutter went on to explain with some charts that show the upper 1% of all the healthy people tend to live about 17% longer than the 99% who don’t possess the same health.  The ACLU has prepared a lawsuit.

“Just because a man smokes cigarettes, doesn’t mean he should pay such a steep price as a man who doesn’t,” Deirdre Kline of the ACLU said.  “That’s not what the Democratic party is about.  It’s about fairness.  Justice.  What’s ultimately right.”  Cutter suggested a kind of “Health Tax” that she hopes the Supreme court will hear early next year that will attempt to redistribute time.  That means a healthy man would be forced, once past the age of 70, to give up at least one good kidney to a man who hasn’t lived with the same good fortune.”  “Why should just the few get all of the health? Dee Kline asked.  While she stressed that personal choice should be a factor in some consequences, she didn’t think that personal choice should necessarily have too much weight.   “Why should personal choice monopolize all outcomes?” Kline asked.

Romney feels that personal choice should be more involved in “cause and effect”, something leading democrats aren’t sure is really science, but mere theory.  “Theoretically,” Robert Goolsby of the Chicago think tank,, “Cause tends to be overrated by conservatives.  I knew a lady once who ate a significant amount of food, yet, did she become overweight?  No.  She only tipped the scales at 145.  What does this say about the conservative idea of cause and effect?” he asked.

Anne Fulbright, a leading conservative thinker in Montana said: “Perhaps the reason Romney has gone up in the polls so significantly is that Obama does have more speaking time,” adding:  “I think Romney will actually win if he doesn’t speak at all during tonight’s debate,” suggesting that if he just looks at the camera, says nothing, and perhaps throws in a wink every once in a while, that should neutralize Obama’s advantage.

Since the parties focus on different body parts, Democrats focus on the little round mouth part of the head, while Republicans focus more on the two fleshy side ear parts of the head, it is anticipated that Democrats may protest the Republicans 2-to-1 advantage in that area.  Cutter added:  “We don’t think that’s fair.  If we could add a second mouth, we think that would be perfectly logical since Republicans use both ears.”  The ACLU is thinking about filing a lawsuit.

Right now, just hours before the third and final debate, Obama has been asked to redistribute the time he’s accumulated in excess through the first 2 debates since that concept has worked so well thus far throughout human history on a financial basis.  Team Romney has gotten no response, which is often credited as one of the primary Democratic strengths.  If Romney is granted the additional 5+ minutes tonight, the ACLU is planning a protest at the Greenwich Mean Time central meridian.  Romney is expected to fly next week to the east coast on his private jet for an important early morning speech and rally.  Kline and the ACLU are planning to file a lawsuit against Romney and Eastern time next week.  “Why should anyone, especially a Republican candidate, have the advantage of arriving in tomorrow three hours ahead of everyone else on the west coast?” she asked.  “Shouldn’t the early morning hours, such as 7am when we get a start on the day be accessible to everyone at the same time?” Dee Kline beckoned.  “Why is Romney being given this time advantage?”

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How David Ulin, LA Times Book Critic, Takes a Shot at Republicans

David Ulin, the L.A. Times book critic, couldn’t just write an article down the middle on the contested election of 1800 between Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, which in and of itself can be very compelling material.  No, he had to use the favorite trick of Liberal opinion authors:  Bury a few passing shots deep in the copy of the opinion piece and camouflage it.

Here’s one example as he writes on Page D6 of the Calendar section on Wednesday, October 17, 2012:  “Although the legislation did not pass, it’s impossible to read about it without recalling Pennsylvania state House Republican leader Mike Turzai, who declared last August, “Voter ID, which is going to allow Governor Romney to win the state of Pennsylvania, done” – an echoed voter suppression effort that also failed when Judge Robert Simpson blocked Pennsylvania’s voter ID law this month.”

Yep, those noble freedom and dissent loving Liberals looking out for the rest of us.  Sure David, we all recall Mike Turzai’s comments from last August and of course we couldn’t read about Jefferson and Adams without recalling what happened in Pennsylvania.  First, recognize what liberals do and how they do it.  Number one, they see themselves as the warriors of the oppressed, but does their history reflect that?  Was it the Democrats or the Republicans who formed the KKK?  Was it a Liberal or a Republican who freed the slaves?  Was it a Republican or a Democrat who sent the Japanese American citizens into internment camps during WWII?

That’s THEIR history.  Own it.

Now of course it’s “Voter Suppression”… with an ID card nonetheless, something every citizen in the United States has access to.  He makes it sound as if just Republicans can print these things up.  Again, it points out the lack of a consistent liberal philosophy and why it’s so easy to point out flaws in liberal thought:  If Turzai and the Republicans are attempting to suppress the vote with the deadly ID card atomic weapon, is not Canada doing the same?

All of Canada that requires ID cards to vote.  Does Ulin point that out and write this?:  “It’s a shame that conservatives in Canada have suppressed the vote in that great country for eons with Voter ID cards…”  No.  He hopes you’re not aware of it.  And when you are, he’s faced with a tremendous inconsistency:  Either ALL nations that require voter ID’s to vote are suppressors or NONE of them are.  Which is it, Mr. Ulin?  They’ll never answer.  You can’t cherry pick, but, that’s liberal.  He got it in.  It felt good.  POW! KABOOM!  Take that, righties!  UGHHH!!!

For me, personally, I could argue that the overabundance of liberal slanted articles in a major metropolitan circulation so blatantly favoring the left does more to suppress the vote (on the right) than a harmless ID card.  These people live in a different universe and in that universe there are no consistent principles.  It’s just opinion and anything goes.  Be aware of what they do.

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