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Los Angeles Times, March 4th, 2022:  Barbara Babcock of Urbana, Illinois filed a 3.75 million dollar lawsuit today against the federal government claiming “Height Inequality” amongst the various children in her school district, namely her son, Al, who is undersized for his age.  Mrs. Babcock said the following:  “I just don’t believe it’s right that my son, who just turned 12, is shorter than many of the other boys who are younger than him,” she said, standing outside the Urbana Church of Liberalogy after she tithed 10% of her common sense.  “We’ve all seen the studies that prove men have an advantage in society who are taller.  It’s just a fact and I’m only stating a fact and my boy is four inches below the average for his age,” she said.  Later, her husband, Richard, who is a jockey, had this to add:  “It’s not my fault.  I didn’t choose my parents and why should my son have to pay the price?  I was discriminated against for my lack of height and it limited my opportunities.  I believe we should receive some kind of compensation to make things ‘fair’,” Mr. Babcock insisted.  The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has agreed to hear the case in June.

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