L.A. Times Watch

For years I’ve subscribed to the Los Angeles Times and I find it hard to believe that these people consider themselves “journalists”.   Journalism’s highest duty is not just to report, but to report in a neutral fashion.  What does that mean?  It means I should be able to read an article and not be able to tell if the author is conservative, liberal or anything else, yet, reading these articles makes it instantly obvious not just of the liberal bias, but the degree, which is significantly left.  They make a nice attempt to camouflage themselves, but it bleeds through so badly you can almost see them cheering in their offices.  Here, I’m going to point out examples:  How they write headlines, construct sentences, employ phraseology, where they place stories to begin with and whether or not they even report on a topic, all will be examined here.  Again, I welcome all views, however I caution liberals, please, I urge civility.  Be dignified if you choose to comment and don’t be what I call C-BAK:  “Courageous Behind A Keyboard.”  Thank you.  Administrator.

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