2 Sets of Rules

If you are going to have principles, make sure they apply equally to all, because if you don’t, then it’s no longer a principle, it’s hypocrisy. ┬áThis is perhaps one of the biggest reasons I am not a liberal, and I’ll post examples here, but when I grew up and began to question, I started to perceive the difference, especially in how the media would treat various topics.

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  1. admin says:

    I recently got into a back and forth “discussion” with a liberal by the name of “Mr. Blaine” who had an issue with Mr. Limbaugh calling Sandra Fluke a “Slut” and a “Prostitute” on his radio show recently, however, Mr. Blaine turned around and said Republicans were “tone deaf idiots.” What I tried to point out to him was that while Limbaugh was wrong, due to the fact he made a false statement, he was just as wrong for doing the exact same thing, and in fact, was worse. Why? He didn’t make a false statement about a single individual, rather, he made one about many. Limbaugh apologized for his comments. Mr. Blaine, however, did not.

    What conservatives grow weary of is this unprincipled dynamic as described above, often witnessed in the mass media where liberals cherry pick. They pick the things that best suit their talking points or agenda and ignore the rest. You can’t do that. First, we see it, so it makes no sense. Second, they expose themselves to counter-criticism and hypocrisy. If you want to condemn Limbaugh for his comment, fine. Just do the same with Bill Maher, Spike Lee, Michael Moore, fill-in-the-blank.

    Limbaugh will be singled out by the liberal media, placed on page one and be the lead story on David Gregory’s “Face The Nation,” yet when Bill Maher, for one, makes any number of horrific comments (just google them) they largely go ignored by that same media. In other words, there’s no guiding principle. Both should be held accountable equally, but they’re not, and this is why I’m not a liberal. Rarely do I perceive any consistent philosophy or guiding principles and I personally find it shocking so many bright people actually can’t perceive this stuff. It’s like one of those “magic eye” books where only a portion of the population can actually see it.

    I grew up being beaten over the head by two sets of rules, in Northern California where I was born, in school, watching television, reading the LA Times and other liberal publications to name just a few, where they were very quick to jump on conservatives or Republicans for their misdeeds but it was quite the opposite when liberals made the same gaffes. Mr. Blaine believes I’m a “tone deaf idiot”. Great. We’ve never even met, well that doesn’t matter, I’m sure he loves dissent. And so how is he different than Mr. Limbaugh? If he’s willing to make a false statement, and make one about millions, then he should not condemn another of doing the same about an individual. As I always ask liberals: What are your principles?

    Better grab your fungo bat because that’s when the softballs are lobbed in.

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