It’s not a philosophy, it’s a religion.

When you read the Constitution of the United States, how many liberal principles do you find?  Why don’t you tell me.  What I find is one major dominant philosophy throughout: The vital importance of small government.  So if our great and wealthy nation sprang from this philosophy, where does it leave those who don’t believe in small government?

It leaves them in the world of Liberalogy where beliefs trump actual reality.  If conservatives stand up for “small government” where does that leave a liberal?  Is he or she supposed to come out and say “Hey, we’re for big government!”?  Of course not, they can’t do that, so they have to rely on what I call “LCD:  Liberal Cloaking Devices.”  They have to mask their true position, for example:  “We’re for the poor.”  Liberals actually believe they care more for the poor than conservatives do.  Of course, it’s not true, you can turn on almost any late night TV station and see a bunch of Christians (and primarily conservatives) handing out food and water overseas to third world countries, but that’s another subject we won’t get into here.

The key is to expose liberal philosophy and unveil it for what it is:  A mathematically unsustainable belief system no different than any other religion.  If a conservative comes out and says “Hey, we would really like to think about saving the life of an unborn child already eight months along in the womb,” is this an unjust position?

It is to liberals.  Liberals can’t come out and say “Hey, we would like to eliminate new human life being born to mothers who don’t want it!” they have to say “We’re Pro-Choice!” because after all, who would be against “choice,” that would put you up against another conservative principle:  Freedom.  It’s all quite clever, the liberal cloaking devices, however, so many unfortunately buy this stuff.

All you can do is simply expose it, identify it for what it is, bring it out into the light where it will melt away like one of those vampires in a sci-fi movie.  I used to be adamantly pro-choice, yet someone once asked me:  “Could you remove an 8 month old fetus from a pregnant woman and kill it?”  I was offended by the question, but when I had to think about it, my answer was no, I couldn’t.  I couldn’t see myself being able to do that, so why was I standing for something I wasn’t willing to personally do?

I no longer could.  For me, Liberalism is no different than Scientology or any other cult, and in fact, I think Scientology has much more logic to it.  At least it attempts to be based on science rather than pure belief.

Please share your stories here about Liberalogy and Liberal Cloaking Devices so we can gather a list of them all if we have enough terrabytes here, and for you liberals all I ask is this:  Be civil.  We get so much hate mail from the “peace and love” people and the “We love dissent” bumpersticker folks that you would find it shocking, or, actually, you wouldn’t.  You may not agree with my thoughts, and that’s fine, but don’t be what I call “B.A.A.D” (Brave At A Distance).  If you think my argument is weak, point out what is false about it, then prove it, otherwise, you’re just shouting an opinion and I’m not after opinions, I’m after something much deeper:  Dividing what is true from what isn’t, and so much about Liberalogy just isn’t true.



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